Yellow exclamation / Metric re-add - scripted solution?


So we have a few tiles for netbotz data. Temperature, Humidity, Duepoint. These keeping failing back to the yellow exclamation point. The fix is to manually edit each tile, go to metric, remove it, re-add it. Save Publish.
2nd day in a row of doing 6 of these and I lost the will to live.

If there a way to have a tile with PS/JSON in it to do this for me? I’ll look into it myself once some other project work is out of the way, but I’m hoping someone else has already done this.

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That sounds to me like there’s an issue with the way the performance collection rule has been created.

Is the collection using some kind of dynamic value? If so, it’s likely being stored as a different object/metric each time the discovery runs and you’ll see this in a SCOM report too.

Similar things happened in the Solarwinds MP:

That’s a great read, thanks. Looks very much like that could be my problem, if I’m bringing back 3 metrics. So much for the problem going away if I monitored them with SW rather than SCOM…

Which brings me back to my original question, can we kick a dashboard from a script built into the dash itself?

Indeed - It’s an important aspect of how the DW works.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to kick the dashboard as you’ve described. I wonder if that would even be effective, given that there would only be data for a single day.

With the metric itself, you may be able to use wildcards in the metric to achieve what you’re after:

I have the same issue in some dashboards. Was working for months/years before it suddenly got this problem…

Oh dear!

Which MP were the metrics from Stian?

I was looking to the data to see if it could be hived off to reset the metric effectively.
Screenshot attached shows that there are no duplicates in RuleRowID. Am I missing something? Looks like it’s not the same as the SW problem.
Coincidentally, I wonder if this would be more reliable to point the netbotz at SW and grab the data from there.

So the OID is .
Edit the OID string to .* and no more yellow exclamation.

Edit: I realise you already suggested this but I missed it!

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