Solarwinds MP not dicovering devices

Hi All

We are using SquaredUP+ SCOM 2012r2 ur13 in my company and I am trying to integrate our Network devices with your Unsealed MP –

I got the script to run allright and clicking the link displayed in the eventlog, I get the correct output

I needed to change the following to get it to work this far –

Things that I found is that “+” signs and City does not query well against our NPM install – so I changed this select through out the XML(editing and bundle it afterwards and import the MP)


This SELECT+NodeID,NodeCaption,NodeGroup,AgentIP,Community,SysName,SysDescr,SysContact,SysLocation,SystemOID,’

$qrySQL += ‘Vendor,MachineType,LastBoot,OSImage,OSVersion,ConfigTypes,LoginStatus,City+FROM+NCM.NodesTrying the queries led out on the servers



$qrySQL += ‘Vendor,MachineType,LastBoot,OSImage,OSVersion,ConfigTypes,LoginStatus;FROM;NCM.Nodes

And this makes it return a json query file –

But I am not seeing any discovered devices, only the Monitoring server shows up as ( unmonitored)

I have been playing around with these also to see if it could fetch a switch (to confirm that part works)

[a-zA-Z-_0-9.]{5,5}sw|sw – ( just setting sw|sw instead of sw|SW)

Here an example of some of the devices I am trying to fetch directly on the NPM server( tested it in swql studio)

So Looking at the community answers in SquaredUp – I may see this thread as interesting – – where

  • David Morris12 Mar, 2018 Flag0
  • Hi Ruben, thanks for getting involved but i’ve actually managed to sort this over the weekend, the issue was due to SCOM running the PS script in PS v2 and because of this the Invoke-RestMethod wasn’t working, so i have just mod’d the script to run this particular section inside a separate powershell session and out put the information back into $npmQryRsp so it can continue to be used as intendend

Maybe this is the issue, but I am a little bit uncertain how to attack this, as I’m not a Scriptgod in anyway…

Is it possible someone can guide me in the right direction?:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


HI Again


I managed to solve the Issue and the devices are now showing up - From an earlier post I could see tat it only works from PowerShell 5.0 and up - We were of course running PowerShell 4. something :slight_smile:

I only did it on the “monitoring server”, and left the rest - We are going for an upgrade soon anyway -

br Marcel